The tone rises at Carlson Wagonlit Travel France. Inter-union CGT-FO-CFTC has asked all employees to strike today, from 12 hours and until the closure of their site, to denounce the conditions of the PES presented by the management of Carlson Wagonlit Travel last February and which, as part of its “digitization”, provides for the abolition of 132 posts.

Several reasons are mentioned in a leaflet that we were able to consult. “The CWT management is sacrificing 132 employees on the altar of Strategy 3.0 but does not want to compensate employees worthily while CWT has significant resources but prefers to invest them in new technologies, the same technologies announcing the next PSE. CWT turned a deaf ear to our demands, “said the leaflet, adding that” the intersyndicale requires a reassessment of the voluntary severance pay related to seniority and based on the 2013 PES. ”

Unable to find a common ground with the management, the inter-union broke off negotiations on 4 April.

Offshoring to low-cost countries

Today, with this action punch, “very closely followed” according to Zilda Coutau, CGT delegate, she hopes to make her voice heard. “Working conditions are unbearable, there are many depressions and no revaluation of wages,” she says. “People can not take it anymore” and have mobilized themselves.

“This is a national strike which concerns the 16 sites of Carlson Wagonlit Travel in France, 100% of employees are on strike in Nantes, 60% in Nanterre and Saint-Etienne,” she said.

The inter-union movement also denounced the calling into question of the social agreements (35 hours, RTT, 6th week of holidays) and the planned closure of the sites of Nantes and Toulon “to Poland and Romania where the cost of labor is much less Dear, “says Zilda Couteau. The strike should not be repeated tomorrow.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel has announced the elimination of 2,000 positions globally, justifying these departures by the rise of the digitization of travel booking tools and the integration of touchless digital solutions.

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