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Cape Town – RockyFest is a three-day mountain bike experience in the Maluti Mountains at Afriski – a mountain resort in Lesotho.
Afriski Mountain Resort in the northern Lesotho highlands in conjunction with Rocky Mountain will be holding their third Rocky Mountain Festival in March 2017.
ing scenes
The exhilarating, freshly-cut section runs next to the ridge of the mountains close to the Afriski resort with the river far below and the vast range of mountains in the background. This is mountain biking at its most beautiful.

From the Sky Restaurant, the ski slopes and the newly-created down hill tracks are clearly visible. Adrenalin junkies can take the ski lifts to the start of the downhill tracks and entertain those watching at the Sky Restaurant with their antics.

Spectacular days of mountain biking always ends with riders swapping war stories (some of them true) around a spit braai.

To add to the mountain adventure, Afriski also offers activities such as abseiling, monster rollers, fly fishing, paintball, quad biking for kids, kids adventure land and more.

What is certain is that the 2017 edition of the Afriskiu2019sRockyFest will provide thrills and spills…and plenty of the best single track and stu
ing scenery to talk about.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about RockyFest, with answers:

Isnu2019t RockyFest a gravity riding festival?
Nope. While it does cater for the gravity riding guys and girls, the majority of RockyFest attendees are marathon riders or those that enjoy riding trails for fun.”

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